Eric Kristoffer & Austin Hayes - unitcode:machine

Eric Kristoffer of unitcode:machine loved the shots I did of him and his band so much, he used one of my images of him to go with his interview in Procession Magazine-

Issue No. 8, 2022. What can I say?? Published once again!!

Chris Snyder- The Rumble

"I appreciate the fact that you're just a cool ass cat. Your support for this endeavor is a side bonus and tremendously appreciated, but above and beyond that you're a rad human with an appreciation for cool things, a homey with great taste. I dig being around good folk. So thanks for being around me!"

Ben Matthews- HOLLIS

"Looking at the photos makes me feel like a giant amongst mere mortals ... Thank you JD Scott from me & the boys from HOLLIS. A true Rock Star photographer."

Chad Carr- HOLLIS

"Damn these (images) are amazing bro!!! Definitely worth every penny. Thank you very much for your hard work. You keep doing what you're doing. Talented photographers are hard to find especially reliable ones lol. It's an art bro and you have it down to a science. You will own this city before long, and I'll do what I can to make that happen for you."

Cha Cha Nova- Burlesque Artist

"Omg, I am so appreciative of the fact that you love my work JD. You both always have such a presence in a room and I think it is so magnetic. With folks like us/you I feel seen. Truly. Thank you for the love and support!"

Laneal Mediouni- Esthetician, my GF

"I love doing life with you. You are the calm to my storm and the fire to my soul. Thank you for loving me the way you do."

Johnny Latu- Three Bad Jacks

"F**k yeah!! These are amazing!!!! I appreciate you doing your thing. You definitely got an eye!"